Your neighborhood healing arts sanctuary where space is held for you to connect with your most centered self.

Our services are mobile.

We love to, and are able to reconstruct The Sound Sanctuary in your space, including our purifying elements of Himalayan Sea Salt, and other natural elements you find at Centered Wellness.

At Centered Wellness NY

Our Mission

At Centered Wellness, we believe that nature, Sound and the Arts are Healing. We believe that by carefully curated experiences around these subjects, we can create community through acceptance and love for ourselves and by experiencing these awakenings around other people- even if we experience them individually.

We are an all-inclusive Wellness Sanctuary. All ages and abilities are welcome.

No meditation or art experience is necessary to attend our sessions.


We welcome you into a warm space that gently awakens your five senses to support you with:

-moving stagnant cells & energy through your body by using the vibration of sound

-the addition of a new coping tool to access during times of self-regulation

- mind, body & soul connection

- balance necessary for peace and sustained emotional wellness

-identification of your soul’s purpose, connecting you to your most centered self


By becoming your neighborhood wellness sanctuary, we hope we can share the benefits of accessing sound and the arts as tools for wellness.

Through sound in The Sound Sanctuary and workshops in The Healing Arts Haven, we hope to foster an inclusive community that celebrates and supports each other’s abilities & improvement journeys while also remembering to honor their greatness.

The Sound Sanctuary

Imagine walking into a space curated with your overall healing in mind. We welcome awareness in a warm & intimate space that gently awakens your five senses.

Our favorite part of The Sound Sanctuary is the purifiying properties of Himalayan Salt, Amethyst and Rose quarts (to name a few) that you will find throughout our space.

Providing you with an inclusive, safe space to align your mind, body & spirit.

All your sessions (whether group or private) will take place in The Sound Sanctuary at Centered Wellness. The Sound Sanctuary is a carefully curated space to ground you while awakening your spirit through your five senses. By creating a connection to your body's capabilities from the moment you walk in the door, we begin preparing you for your session of gratitude to yourself and your needs.

The Sound Sanctuary is mobile; we can offer any services at your location. Our Sound Practioners are facilitators of the Accredited Sound Healer Training courses from Life Changing Energy.

The elements found in The Sound Sanctuary are carefully curated in your space to create the same environment that awakens your five senses.

Virtual Sessions are conducted via our Twitch Channel unless otherwise noted. On our page, you can find tips and tricks for creating your sanctuary in your space (no matter the size). If you sign up with us in advance, we can also email you the resource.

We are an inclusive Sanctuary and Healing Arts Haven. All abilities and ages are welcome.