It all started with this green bowl.

But really what led me to buy this green bowl, was when the nice owner of Tibetan Arts and Healing in Salem, MA offered my friend to step into a 19inch+ singing bowl while he played it...and as I watched from behind, I saw my friends body loosen, and he was quite, and didn't move for as long as the bowl resonated.

It's fair to say, this experience, my foundation as a special educator, and my own personal journey of healing and growth led me here.

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Our Story

We are a family-owned healing arts and wellness sanctuary with hopes to:

  • welcome you to connect with your most centered self surrounded by the healing properties of natural elements like Himalayan Salt, Rose quartz, and Amethyst

  • share healing modalities & the benefits that include vibrational sound, and the arts that our community can independently refer to when they are in need throughout their daily lives

  • support the creation of various communities that may otherwise be isolated by holding a variety of sessions and workshops

  • hold a welcoming space for people of all abilities, ages and walks of life

  • With our backgrounds in teaching we hope to create an environment that supports internal and outward growth of those seeking our services.


Accredited Sound Healer Certfication Training

Our Sound Practitioner is an approved provide of Life Changing Energy Certified Facilitators. In our training courses we use the Life Changing Energy curriculum, accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association.

Our course offerings: Sound Healing Fundamentals & Sound Healing Level 2, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremonies


Ind. with Disabilities

Art Education

Gemstone & Chakras

Healing Arts


Mindful Breathing

Healing Arts


  • Life Changing Energy Certified Sound Healers
  • Life Changing Energy Certified Facilitators
  • Sound Healing Research Foundation
  • Medical Sound Association
  • Vibroacoustic Therapy Association (Sound Energy Medicine Practitioners Association)
  • Sound Healer Association

Individuals with Disabilities

Our Vibrational Sound Therapists have backgrounds working with people with a wide range of disabilities and all ages. Our workshops are curated with the individual needs of the participants in mind.